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Our smartphones are never farther than an arm’s length away and help us do everything from track our calendars to track our calories. Today, we want to show you the wonders they can do for our daily hygiene routines with the help of these apps!

Dental Expert

We may only see you twice a year, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a “dental expert” by your side every day. The Dental Expert app acts as a patient’s guide to understanding different dental procedures. This ap...

We believe in providing exceptional dental care through cutting-edge technology. In addition to serving patients in need of a pain-free solution, we also serve individuals with a desire to better themselves through advanced care options. However, cleaning your teeth doesn’t have to clean out your wallet, so today we want to provide you with all of the information you need to know when you’re scheduling your next appointment.

Financial Options

We believe that all people...

Every day inside your mouth there is an epic battle of good versus evil being waged over the ultimate prize: your teeth! And guess what… only YOU can protect them from the destructive forces that seek to harm them.

The Good Guys And The Bad Guys

Because tooth enamel is the hardest substance in the human body (it is made up of mostly minerals), we automatically think of it as a tough shield that nothing can get through. In reality, tooth enamel is porous!

When tooth enam...

We believe the more educated our patients are about dental health issues, the better you’ll be able to prevent them. We often warn of periodontal disease and the detrimental effects it has on the mouth and body. But there are also many common misconceptions about gum disease. To help you better understand it, we’ve decided to bust some myths today!

Myth #1: Bleeding Gums Are Normal

This is probably one of the most perpetuated dental health myths. The truth is, bleedin...

We've all hear calcium builds strong bones and is key to preventing osteoporosis. But did you know taking in the right amount of calcium also has a huge effect on our oral health?

Calcium Benefits Our Oral Health

Does calcium really make a difference in our oral health? The answer is yes! Even before we’re born, we begin storing a supply of calcium and other nutrients to grow strong, healthy teeth and bones.  As we grow older, calcium continues to repair and strengthe...

We often get the question from our patients, “What’s the difference between plaque and tartar?” Many people think they are the same thing. There is an important difference between the two, however, and it can help explain just why a daily oral hygiene routine is so crucial, as well as twice-yearly visits to your dentist.

What Is Plaque?

Dental plaque is that soft, sticky film that builds up on your teeth and under your gums throughout the day. And guess what? It conta...

Tooth enamel is the hardest substance in the human body. But don’t let that fool you–it’s far from invincible. In fact, there are things you may be doing on a regular basis that weaken your enamel, which could lead to more frequent cavities, tooth discoloration and sensitivity.

Tooth Enamel Acts As A Protective Barrier

The enamel makes up the tooth’s protective outer layer and is the first line of defense against harmful acids and bacteria. Unlike other parts of the b...

Want to know what some of our patients have been asking? Here are five frequently asked questions and answers!

#1: How often do I actually need to visit the dentist?

For most people, twice a year. Even if you do have perfect oral hygiene, plaque and tartar buildup are inevitable. With a professional cleaning every six months, your teeth will stay clean and healthy. We can also catch problems early at your biannual appointments, often saving you time, pain and money!


​Do you have sensitive teeth? Or have you noticed brown edging along the gum line where the tooth actually looks longer than the surrounding teeth?

Gum recession occurs when the gum tissue pulls away from the surface of the teeth, exposing the roots. Receding gum tissue is often a result of periodontal or gum disease. Left untreated, this can eventually lead to tooth or jaw bone loss.

Thus, it is imperative to correct this issue before it becomes irreversible. Gum graf...

Do you suffer from toothaches caused by sensitivity? Mild to extreme bouts of pain? This could actually be a warning sign of something more serious.

When dentin, the soft material that supports the tooth, is exposed along the gum line you will have painful reactions to sudden changes in hot or cold foods, changes in air temperature and more. Typically this is felt in the front teeth, but can extend to the molars depending upon the severity of the problem.

Sensitivity c...

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