Dr. Scott Beck

Dr. Jason Zitterkopf

The Foundation of a Beautiful Smile

Do you want affordable, painless dentistry with state-of-the-art technology, progressive techniques and excellent customer service? In one convenient location?  Scottsbluff dentist believes everyone deserves a pain-free, affordable smile. A family dental center serving Scottsbluff and the surrounding region, we offer preventative and emergency dentistry for kids and adults.

In addition to serving patients in need of an emergency dentist, we serve individuals with a desire to better themselves through advanced-care options. Regularly expanding our capabilities with internationally acclaimed techniques and continued education, Dr. Beck and Dr. Zitterkopf provide exceptional dental care in one convenient location.

Improve your smile and your confidence! From teeth whitening to dental implants, cosmetic dentistry is aimed at providing a positive change to your smile!

Providing emergency dental services and family dental health in one convenient location. Schedule your dentist appointment with our top dental experts today!

Gum disease and tooth extraction is avoidable with regular teeth cleaning and dental exams. Schedule a dentist appointment today and receive top dental help!

From oral surgery to cosmetic dental surgery, Reconstructive Dentistry addresses both dental appearance and functional dental health.

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Worry-Free Financial Options

We believe that all people have the right to feel confident about their smile, regardless of their financial situation. A staggering number of patients delay dental care because of financial concerns, even though waiting may have serious long-term implications.


Scottsbluff Dentist offers affordable treatment plans and CareCredit to alleviate these concerns, and we accept and file all insurance claims. Although not a preferred-provider, our hassle-free approach includes a pre-treatment estimate to ensure accurate billing on the day-of-service and we file your claim for you. Call (308) 632-7414 to learn more!

Calm, Professional Environment

Estimates show that up to 15% or 40 million Americans have dental anxiety. Don't let this fear prevent you from getting the care you need. Scottsbluff Dentist provides a relaxing, calm environment to alleviate even the worst anxiety. Call (308) 632-7414 to schedule a free consultation!

A huge thank you! Not only did you make my "scary" procedure so much easier, but you managed to actually make it kind of fun. You guys ROCK!!

- Jeanie B.